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The blue ambient lighting was the perfect backdrop for the soulful house music that was playing at Dazzle.  It was the end of 2005 and I had just been released from 6 months in the psych ward for trying to kill myself again (my childhood memories of growing up in revolutionary Iran were too much at times).

It was time to celebrate, to leave it all on the dance floor. I was always the one who didn’t need a drink when it came to dancing, I just wanted to celebrate the new me.

10176985_10152110786713985_359479669_oOur meeting was melodic.

Two-stepping to the same beat a bubbly girl with cinnamon skin bee-bopped my way. Just after hello’s and compliments were exchanged she offered me a scholarship to her “Do What You Love, Love What You Do” workshop.

After an invigorating two hours with Brandi, I walked away with a doable and tactical plan of how to launch my passions on a solid foundation. She offered me step-by-step guidance how to launch my own creative business. Inspired, motivated and armed with tools and techniques I was ready to go from dreamer to doer.

Back in Brooklyn I vigorously wrote a fashion curriculum for Free Your Star Foundation. My non-profit that helped trick inner-city youth into learning through the business side of fashion. The success of these credit-earning programs made me think of how I could share this feeling with an older audience.

That’s when Find Your Voice blossomed.

Words. They are the one thing we all have in common. The main reason why after moving to the States at the age of 9 I was that shamed and shushed Iranian girl until the age of 25. I knew I wasn’t the only one enslaved by the vocabulary in my head. The words that turn into messages that form our life, with or without us knowing. I experienced how anything attained (happiness, love, wealth) all starts with a conversation.

Brandi and I are colliding our missions for the first time. The WordLove tour will start May 8th in Denver, and May 13th in Los Angeles.  Transforming people to speak from the place where their soul and personality intersect thus living true to their words and passions.

Please click here to go to the WordLove website, feel free to email us with any questions:


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WordLove Denver: 

Thursday, May 8th,  meet Brandi and I at the transformative (& super inspiring)  Do What You Love HQ. There are plenty seating choices, couches, chairs & desk, or bring your yoga mat and get comfy on the floor.

We look forward to arming you with tons of tools and invigoration to break through fear and live the life you are meant to.





WordLove Los Angeles:

Brandi and I knew we wanted to have an intimate and inspiring space. A place were people can feel comfortable to put dow their guards, be real with their fears (within and perhaps with a stranger).  We have ample space to learn, share and take time to set a plan of action to get you the life you want.

Tuesday, May 13th, doors open at 6:30 p.m. to the enchanting Studio 1342 in mid-city, Los Angeles.






WordLove Directions:

Denver, May 8th, doors open 6:30p.m. – 9:30 p.m.

Do What You Love HQ, Capitol Hill

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Los Angeles, May 13th, doors open 6:30 p.m. – 10 p.m.

Studio 1342, Mid City

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